Lee Kun-Yong’s solo exhibition “Bodyscape” at Gallery Hyundai.

Gallery Hyundai presents Lee Kun-Yong’s solo exhibition “Bodyscape” running from September 8 to October 31.

The exhibition focuses on his paintings based on corporeal action. His performance paintings are given different titles depending on the artist’s intentions such as “The Method of Drawing“ or “Bodyscape.“ The works are the vestiges caused by the limits of the artist’s physical conditions and actions. Leaving lines under the conditions in which the artist’s body is placed, the series shows Lee Kun-Yong’s unique aesthetic and contemplation on the relationship between body and space.

Gallery Hyundai re-highlights this series, which has been interpreted in the context of “performance,” in the perspective of “painting.” The exhibition also features works on paper alongside newly produced paintings, giving a wide view of the oeuvre of the “painter” Lee Kun-Yong.